Martin Bruhin, Architect FH/SIA

Martin Bruhin, Architect FH/SIA

Bruhin Spiess, Architektur Recherche Illustration
Haus der Musik, Gönhardweg 32, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland
g +41 62 822 52 32, n +41 79 611 70 29

Establishment of Bruhin Spiess GmbH, CHE-140.072.526 VAT; 2 October 2014, individual member of SIA; 1 December 2014

Architect with Husistein & Partner ( in Aarau, 2007-2014. In addition to my role as a project manager, I was a trainer, team leader and director of architectural design/methodology, including contact with executive management and quality assurance.

Research project on the sculptural constructions of Hermann Rosa, 2004-2008. The work that emerged from the project documents the architectural work of the sculptor (in collaboration with Jürg Zimmermann, Michael Bäbler and Seraina Spiess, ISBN 978-3-7212-0625-8). An exhibition was also designed to thematically accompany the book:

Architect, 2003-2006, exhibition/speech on the winning project E7 in the ‘Tour de Rasoirs’ in Fribourg, participated in the ‘International Forum of Results’ congress in Athens (Europan 7, Europäische Ergebnisse, ISBN 978-2915578584). Article for the Grenchener Wohntage at the invitation of the Federal Office for Housing (DVD ‘Wohnungsbau und Zukunft’, Architekturforum Biel). Participated as expert in the ‘Lebensräume’ study by the social research department at the University of Zurich (Lebensräume, ISBN 978-3-7212-0614-2). Research and study visit in Munich, semester courses at the hdk in figurative modelling.

Participated in the Europan 7 ‘Suburban Challenge’ competition: 1st prize: ( The submission proposes a bridge-like, horizontal relief that connects neighbourhoods and spans the park in Montrevers. We are designing a master plan for the entire park and its surroundings for the city of Fribourg, and creating a new zoning plan, including building regulations. In collaboration with Roland Stutz and Ruben Daluz (Sonderbeilage Hochparterre 1-2/2004, Bauwelt 15-6/2004, Thema: Europan 7, Tracés Band 130/2004 (Cover Grundriss E7).

Architect at Höing & Voney in Lucerne (, 2001-2002, further development of the competition ‘Tribschenstadt’, 72 owner-occupied apartments, to the building application stage, competition and design projects.

Architecture studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, 1996-2000; specialisation in architectural and art history ‘Marcel Breuer in Baldegg LU’; four-month internship in Zilina (Slovakia).

Apprenticeship as architectural draughtsman; continuing vocational training (BMS).

Born in Wangen, upper Lake Zurich, 27 December 1975

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