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Slow Architecture – Rosa’s architectural work was not ahead of its time; indeed, he adopted modernism, albeit in a radically subjective and sculptural way. The difference lay in the art of construction. The studios certainly had the look of industrial manufacture that suggested modernity, yet Rosa’s working style was manual and reflective and was based on an intense observation of nature.

Bathing with the weeping willow. – This book documents Hermann Rosa’s architectural work: two ateliers, his daylight studio and his apartment with its furniture and 55 sculptures. The book was the fruit many years of research and conversations with contemporaries and is published by Niggli Verlag.

Publisher, author: Martin Bruhin, Aarau (
Layout and graphic design of book and poster: Michael Bäbler, Zurich (michaelbä
Photography, scans, retouching: Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich (
Scientific illustrations: Seraina Bruhin-Spiess, Aarau (
Book review: Benedikt Kraft (

Hermann Rosa (1911–1981), whose œuvre spanned figurative sculpture, three ateliers, architectural designs and interior design with his own furniture designs, studied art in Prague and Dresden before obtaining his degree in Munich in 1954. The following year he was already planning the construction of his own atelier. During the 14-year building phase, he set aside his sculptural work entirely. Together with family and friends, he personally implemented his architecture, which he later described as “the most important experience for sculpting”. Through the sculptural construction of his atelier and furniture, he sharpened his understanding of space, which was manifested in his later works and in particular the portraits.

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