Seraina Bruhin-Spiess, scientific illustrator

t +41 62 822 52 32, m +41 78 666 19 26

Co-owner Bruhin Spiess GmbH, 2015-

Illustrator, Director of Documentation, Husistein & Partner AG, Aarau, 2012–2014

Illustrator, Group Director Multimedia, Trinamo, Aarau, 2010-2012

Freelancer at Pandinavia AG, Kloten, and Nimmrichter cda, Zurich, 2006–2010

One-year study programme at HGKZ, School of Art and Design Zurich, game design, 2005
(PSP Wallpaper competition at Sony Computer Entertainment, 3rd place, 2005)

Graphic/web designer at Weber AG, Thun, 2004

Internship with Frame Eleven, New York (US), 2003

Graphic designer and web designer at, SRI/SRG, Bern
(Design projects for Swisspeaks Festival 2003 in New York and Expo Archiv Schweiz, 2001–2002)

Study visit as a scientific illustrator at the Écolé d’Art Supérieure Estienne and the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, INSERM, Paris, 2001

Study programme as a scientific illustrator at the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, ECAL, 1997–2001
Born in Lommis im Lauchetal, 4 October 1979

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